The first thing that God would like to say to you

cer si soare

‘’The LORD appeared to Israel from far away and said, “I’ve loved you with an everlasting love, therefore I’ve drawn you with gracious love.’’ Jeremiah 31:3

A Romanian actor was once asked what he would tell God if (or rather when) he will meet Him. The actor replied ‘’I wouldn’t tell him anything. He knows everything…’’ But whether you have something to say to God or not, He definitely has a message for you. The first thing that God wants to tell you, regardless of your current situation, is that He loves you. This is the first truth that we come to understand once we draw near to Him. The next one is that we need to change…

‘’The Lord appeared to Israel (as He could to you) from far away…’’- we might be far from God at the moment, very unaware of His existence or presence. We might have heard of Him but we never met Him, we’ve heard things about Him but we don’t know Him. Regardless of where we are, be it near or far, God’s message for us is the same. The first thing He would like to tell us is that He loves us.

And this is an altogether wonderful and surprising fact, given our sinfulness and His holiness. But the grounds for His love for us aren’t our merits, character or blameless behavior. He loves because that is His nature and because He made us and we are His, whether we know Him or not. We belong to Him.

But because He loves us, God wants to change us. He wants us to reach the heights of His Son’s stature, morally and spiritually. He wants us to become the best version of ourselves that we can ever be, which is exactly what any good parent wants for his/her child.

The sacrifice of the Lord Jesus is the most solid proof of this love – for He who loves much is willing to sacrifice much. Heaven’s greatest Treasure was sacrificed for us so that we may be saved and forgiven. The Lord Jesus has paid the price of our sin, once and for all, and through Him we have free access to the Father.

Let us then rest on the arms of The Everlasting Father who loves us, not just collectively, but individually. He loves you Sam, Andreea, Dana… He loves you all in a way that no one could ever love – HE LOVES YOU WITH AN EVERLASTING LOVE.


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