If God exists then why can’t we see Him?

IMG_20141221_020052I haven’t had the chance (or the time or the energy) to post something on this blog but since it’ll soon be Christmas and the topic of ”God and ”Jesus” is being brought up quite frequently, I thought it’s a good time to put ‘pen to paper’.

The topic that I am going to address is not Christmassy per se but it’s got a few elements in common with this celebration.

The question formulated in the title of this post is very pertinent. Indeed, if God is out there then why isn’t He visible? Or better said, why doesn’t He make Himself visible to us? Why doesn’t God just appear in all His glory so that we can all know that He exists? Then we would bow down and acknowledge His Presence.

Well, it would be easier for God to do this in order to convince us of His existence but it definitely wouldn’t be better. When we think of God- regardless of our religious beliefs or lack of-  we associate Him with a Judge and with the Highest Authority there is in the Universe. And while He is a Judge and the ultimate Authority, He is also a Father. He is also Love.

Love isn’t forceful, love doesn’t overpower. Love is gentle. By not revealing Himself to us- physically- God is actually being gentle towards us. If He appeared from Heaven (like His Son one day will), our little minds and small beings would be utterly frightened and terrified by such a powerful Presence! Yes, we would bow down to Him but we would also want to run away and hide. Just like birds flying away when people approach them because the latter are much bigger and more powerful than them- so would we want to do if God was to appear in an instant.

We would not feel love or affection towards Him. Instead, we would be frightened. It would be difficult (if not impossible) for us to relate to Him.

So God decided to stay behind the scenes and win our minds and hearts through a more complex, complicated process instead of forcing us to believe yet not love Him.

That’s why we’ve got a stable, a baby, some shepherds and a star. Because God chose to relate to us in a way that we could understand, that we could cope with. There is nothing scary about a baby, sheep and shepherds. They’re elements from this world meant to carry a message for people from this world.

God sent us a Redeemer that came, not crowned with Glory, but as a baby, born in a humble stable in Bethlehem. He, the older Brother, was sent by the Father to bring us home.

So would you stop by the stable this year and open your heart and mind to God? At least for a moment.

God bless and Happy Christmas.



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