The star, the Kingdom and the toy

Today I was out in the fields. There was a wonderful sunset which set the scene for a nice evening. And as the evening was settling in and the sun started to descend, a start appeared. There was just one single star. So beautiful. So unique.

That’s what impressed me- it was unique. And there was something beautiful about it’s uniqueness. You see, we are made to appreciate uniqueness- the more unique an object or a  skill is, the more valuable. God is unique and He programmed us to appreciate this feature and to want to be unique in our turn…And we already are, whether we realise it or not, (our DNA’s prove it), and we are perceived so by the ones who love us. The bottom line is that uniqueness is a special thing in the universe and something we aim for.

Then secondly, that star didn’t do anything ”out of the ordinary” to be simply and purely unique, it didn’t . It was just there where God wanted it to be, doing what God asked it to do: Shine. God did the rest. And its obedience made it unspeakably beautiful.

The star didn’t ”bend itself backwards”, it just did what it was supposed to do, dared to be the ”odd one out” and that made it unique.

To be continued….


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