Dreaming for God

This post is especially addressed to those who have a living faith in God and in Jesus Christ, His Son.

We know that God loves us and we have already come with our own dreams before Him. Maybe He has fulfilled some of them while the other are still ”work in progress”. We all nurture many dreams: regarding our careers, families, future, lives. And some of them, if not most of them, are good. Yet, all of the above are self- centered, so self- centered some times.

But are we going to have a dream for God? An ardent desire to do something for Him, for His Kingdom? This would be a proof of love. Parents have big dreams for their children, grandparents for their grandchildren a.s.o.
When we are truly dedicated to God, we will have a dream for Him as well. And this dream will be stronger than all the other.

Do you dream that:
– more and more people will come to know Him?

– His name will be glorified on earth as in Heaven?

– the Church will be revived and prepared for the Lord’s return?

– the persecuted church from different regions of the world will be strengthened and enlarged?

– people enslaved by drugs and other addictions will be set free by the blood of Christ?

– there will be a revival among the youth and they will start honoring and praising God, serving Him and giving Him the best years of their lives and the best of what they’ve got?

– there will be a revival among a group in particular (artists, singers, scientists etc.)?

– homeless children will be given shelter and a family? That they will be rescued from promiscuity and lack of hope and come to know the love of Christ?

– God will be truly honored in countries that were once Christian but which grew cold with the time?

–  your entire family will be cleansed in the precious blood of Jesus and be brought to the knowledge of God?

– that your country will repent and come to the Lord? Will be revived and restored?

– to be closer to God, to love Him deeper, to know Him more? To have a stronger relationship with Him?

There are so many dreams to dream and pursue. Pray for guidance and then go for it !
When we have a dream, we must also have a plan. After praying, we should ready ourselves to do something practical for that dream. Maybe talking to people about God, starting a Bible course or a missionary training, doing acts of love (helping those in need), engaging in missionary work, singing for God etc. God will lead us, give us opportunities and show us the best way to pursue that dream.

Our dream for God might also imply that we have to give up to some of those we had for ourselves- maybe for our career or financial stability etc.

It will cost but it’s worth it! Fulfilling our dream for God equals to fulfilling our destiny and fulfilling God’s dream for us. Isn’t that great?

Fulfilling our dream for God  = Fulfilling God’s dream for us

I’ve met a lady today, very bright and well-educated, who gave up a promising career in Marketing for God. Instead of continuing her work for an important company, she took a year off to work as a missionary in a South Asian country, where she met her husband. Coming back to the UK, she started working as a teacher, supporting her husband in his ministry as a vicar. Twenty years after she is one of the happiest and most energetic persons I’ve ever met!

It was worth it! She pursued God’s dream for people to come to know Him and for the Gospel to be preached all around the world and she and many others were blessed through this good decision. God repaid her love for Him and His cause. He never remains indebted to anyone.

Our dream for God is our life’s specific purpose and calling. Are you ready to receive it?


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